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Sustainable production

We deliver systems that provide the right amount and reduce waste for many different applications. We help to choose the right material with very low friction and high wear resistance.

Smaller climate footprint in the production chain

The population is growing not only globally but also in the Nordic countries, which contributes to growing economies. At the same time, the earth's resources are limited, which increases the demands on consumption in the rich world to reduce its footprint. It drives the demand for products and systems that contribute to increased circularity, which means that resources are used, reused and recycled to reduce and avoid waste.

Limiting climate change requires a change in society as a whole, and many companies are working focused on reducing emissions throughout the chain, which is driving processes more efficient and increasing demand for new materials and production methods.

This is a challenge but also provides opportunities because innovations, quality and sustainable solutions are an important part of Christian Berner can help with.

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