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Our vision is to create innovative technical solutions for a sustainable society.

Not content with just providing the right products, we offer services that make sure you can always expect something more. In this way, we help businesses throughout the Nordic region improve on a day-to-day basis.

Our history

Buying technical components, materials and advanced equipment is a process that often involves many decisions and requires both routines and expertise - and we have that. Our work as a strategic partner and advisor between manufacturers and customers began 125 years ago with a number of breweries in Gothenburg.

From the local brewing industry to a multinational business

In 1897, the then 20-year-old Christian Berner started a business in Sweden importing equipment and developing technical solutions for the brewing industry in Gothenburg. The founding of the company was the starting point for what, eventually, became an organization that helped streamline and improve businesses throughout the Nordic region.

Christian Berner was always outward looking. He quickly learned Latin, German and English, and when his hometown of Molde offered no further opportunities to study, the young Norwegian moved to Kristiania (Oslo). At 18, he got a job with an import company and found himself - thanks to his language skills - involved in a number of customer relationships.

In 1897, Christian arrived in Sweden to investigate the possibilities for expansion on behalf of his employer. The conditions weren’t ideal, the young man concluded. Instead, he suggested forming a new company for the Swedish market. So, the 20-year-old Christian became – partly with start-up capital of 500 kronor from his father - head of a newly formed company and opened an office at Magasinsgatan 10 in Gothenburg.

The fully automatic washing  and rinsing machine "Magne" at Södermejeriet in Stockholm in the 1930s

From the beginning, personal contact and understanding customers and their needs were valued

Despite the revolutionary changes of the twentieth century - with the dissolution of the union between Sweden and Norway and two world wars - the business grew. The company always made sure to be ahead of the competition with the products and knowledge it offered brewing companies. From the beginning, personal contact and understanding customers and their needs were valued.

More than 100 years later, the same core values drive Christian Berner. Whether we’re developing solutions to reduce vibration and noise or ensuring a safe water supply, we prioritize pursuing the best products and innovations. With our leading products and specialist expertise, we benefit industries throughout the Nordic region on a day-to-day basis.

Christian Berner AB has always moved with the times, and with a century of experience, it’s second nature for us to promote environmentally sustainable development. We offer systems and components that make it possible to create new products from renewable raw materials.

Thanks to our efforts in streamlining production processes, we also minimize energy consumption and waste, while extending the life-span of production systems and end products.

We don’t know what the next 100 years will bring but we know that Christian Berner AB will continue to take pride in offering the best products and expertise and will always strive to improve our customers' production.