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Quiet environments

We deliver vibration and noise reduction materials and solutions that create the right acoustic environment.

To perceive the right sound and minimize the unwanted

A good sound environment is about being able to hear what you want to hear without being disturbed by noise and vibrations from the outside world. At home, you do not want to hear the neighbor's footsteps or traffic noise from the street or the railway. At a concert, it is the music that should be at the center and in a business premises you want to be able to talk to each other even in full production.


Construction, industry and infrastructure

When cities grow and become denser, high demands are placed on construction techniques and that it is right from the start. More and more buildings are getting wooden constructions for climate reasons and our solutions dampen noise and vibrations in, among other things, modular houses, training rooms and hotels. In industry, it is often a matter of vibration isolating machines or soundproofing premises. When it comes to noise and body noise from rail traffic, we aim to eliminate the noise at the source by dampening vibrations from the rails or using shields.

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