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Fillflex™ Compact

Fillflex Compact is a flexible, easy-to-handle and user-friendly filling machine for pumpable liquid products. 

The machine contains of a stainless steel cabinet with integrated control system, motor and pump. The unit is small, weighing approximately 25 kg, and has handles for full mobility. It can be placed on a workbench or on a trolley, which is available as an accessory.

Fillflex Compact is available with 3 different control systems, depending on the application and the choice of working method. It is very easy to clean and all the pumps can be dismantled without tools. The entire machine is made of stainless steel and can easily be washed off. Valve control is included as standard in all machines. A foot pedal or a starter handle is available as an accessory for external starting.

We deliver Fillflex filling machines within the Nordic countries.

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Benny Linnarsson
Benny Linnarsson
Sales Engineer, Fillflex
Åke Karlsson
Åke Karlsson
Project Engineer, Fillflex
Max. power motor control: 0,55 kW 0,55 kW 0,55 kW
Valve guides: 1 1-4 1
Number of recipes 8 30 8
Dosing principle Volyme Volyme 0-30.000 g
Ready signal Yes Yes Yes
External start Yes Yes Yes
External op. panel   Yes - F6600op  
PUMPS PD-M200C PD-M210C PD-M220C PD-28220C PD-28320C
TYPE Gear Gear Gear Impeller Impeller
Max. capacity 8 l/min 13 l/min 25 l/min 35 l/min 60 l/min
Displacement 0.006 l/rev 0.010 l/rev 0.018 l/rev 0.023 l/rev 0.053 l/rev
Rec. filling volume 10 – 200 ml 10 – 500 ml 20 – 1 500 ml 30 – 2 000 ml 60 – 4 000 ml
Stainless steel 316L Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
O-ring* Viton Viton Viton Nitrile Nitrile
Impeller N/A N/A N/A Neopren/EPDM** Neopren/EPDM**
Max temp (°C) <60 <60 <60 <60/<100 <60/<100
Solid particles? No No No Yes Yes
Suitable for food Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes